As a young mom that didn’t really fit in with other moms, I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that my daughter, Little M, would just have to deal with having a hot mess mom. What is a hot mess mom you ask? Well let me explain.. I am always late, messy bun, kids hair not brushed, and I guarantee her socks don’t match. I am the mom that is sobbing in the grocery store because she can’t keep her emotions in check, and the mom that bribes her daughter with jellybeans. I will never be the mom that brings cute healthy snacks for the whole class, I will probably just stop for donuts on my way mainly because I forgot. I curse too much, drink too much and am teaching Little M to be just as sassy as I am.

We might not ever figure life out, but at least we can document our story.

Forever and for always,




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